With over 60 years of combined experience, the owners of Anthony's Auto Body have their fingers on the pulse of the automotive repair and reconditioning industry. James Pasquin and Nicholas Hindy purchased Anthony's Auto Body in 2005 so they could offer their expertise to the public with greater efficiency and impact. Both James and Nicholas have been trained in automotive repair.

Prior to their automotive training, the two partners of Anthony's Auto Body worked in the automotive insurance industry.

Both partners recognized a trend, in that vehicles that were involved in collisions were not always being repaired properly.

We believe that the customer deserves all of the answers up front and clearly stated. Regardless of the condition or possible price, safety comes first. Once you have all of the answers you know that your car will be repaired properly the first time.

An improperly repaired vehicle doesn't only put you and your family in danger - it potentially endangers the lives of other drivers on the road. We have an ethical obligation to ensure that your vehicle meets our requirements throughout the entire repair process.

Anthony's Auto Body possesses the necessary space to achieve the requirements that the partners put in place. With an in-depth understanding of both sides of the industry, the partners updated all of their equipment. We immediately purchased two new multi-tower frame machines and a chief velocity laser measuring system so we can properly identify where there may be frame damage.

By purchasing an additional spray booth, Anthony's Auto Body is able to finish more vehicles with greater efficiently.

In 2008, Anthony's Auto Body increased their shop size to 14,000 sq.ft. We saw a need to expand not only to accommodate our direct repair partners, but also to ensure that we can get customers back into their own cars faster.

Repairing your vehicle correctly the first time is our goal, and our commitment to our customers is to provide you with your vehicle restored to its pre-accident condition. Give us a call today if you are looking for auto repair help in Shrewsbury or Toms River, NJ!