Brake Repair Service in Shrewsbury & Toms River, NJ

Brake Repair Service in Shrewsbury & Toms River, NJ

Trust the crew at Anthony's Auto Body to keep your brakes in top condition

If you're experiencing any of the following issues with your vehicle:

  • The brake light on your dashboard has appeared
  • Your brakes make a high-pitched, squeaky sound when you stop
  • Your car doesn't slow down as fast as it should...
...visit Anthony's Auto Body ASAP so we can repair your brakes. It's important to make sure they're working properly so you can avoid an accident. Our technicians will perform whatever service you need so your vehicle can have reliable brakes.

Visit our auto repair shop in Shrewsbury or Toms River, NJ today to get your brakes repaired.

Trust us to repair your breaks quickly and confidently

Whether you need your brake pads replaced or your rotors repaired, you can count on the experts at Anthony's Auto Body to make sure your brakes remain in good condition. We recommend speaking with one of our auto repair technicians to determine how often your brakes need to be replaced.

Call 732-842-0145 today for more information about our brake repair service in Toms River or Shrewsbury, NJ.