James (Jimmy) Pasquin

James (Jimmy) Pasquin

In 1983, as a sophomore in High School, James (Jimmy) Pasquin discovered his passion for the automotive repair industry. An automotive course in his junior year led Jimmy to an after school job with a local body shop located in Brooklyn, New York.

It was there that Jimmy was provided a unique education in a live working environment as to the variety of vehicle repair problems and the techniques used in diagnosing and repairing cars & trucks.

Mr. Pasquin excelled in learning all there was to learn regarding body work and vehicle repair. His extraordinary understanding and skill in working with vehicles led to the City of New York recruiting him in his junior year to repair the vehicles owned by the New York Parks Department. After High School, the New York Parks and Recreations department immediately made James Pasquin a full time employee.

In the early nineties, Penske Truck Leasing and Repair recruited Mr. Pasquin to work on truck repair and maintenance. This experience offered a unique opportunity to expand his knowledge from private sector vehicles to big rig and specialty vehicle repair.

In 1991 Mr. Pasquin began working as an automotive appraiser for State Farm Insurance. Stepping into the field of automotive appraising offered Mr. Pasquin an opportunity to see how the industry works from the other side of the customer experience. For the next five years Mr. Pasquin worked as an appraiser for Geico and Hartford Insurance as well, allowing him to see how different insurance companies work with the consumer and then the repair facility. This experience provided a rare opportunity to see where the pitfalls of the automotive repair industry often exist.

In 2005 James Pasquin joined forces with Nicholas Hindy and purchased Anthony's Auto Body in a facility that offered the space and expansion capabilities that both partners knew would be necessary in order to stay up to date and in line with technology.

Nicholas (Nick) Hindy

Nicholas (Nick) Hindy

There is an exceptional advantage to having a family member who is an accomplished mechanic. At the age of twelve, Mr. Hindy started working on cars with this family member who taught himĀ the ins and outs of automotive repair and maintenance.

Throughout his college career, Mr. Hindy continued to work in automotive repair facilities, building on his in-depth knowledge of the industry. He opened his own auto repair shop in Brooklyn, NY, in 1988 and ran his own automotive repair facility for the next eight years, working with a wide range of vehicles. Nick has always felt that there should be a 360 degree philosophy to auto repair. This means that the car should be completely repaired and returned to the owner.

Mr. Hindy's automotive repair shop offered all facets of vehicle repair and maintenance. He felt that, when repairing a vehicle, it is important to return the vehicle to the customer in a condition that is equal to, if not better than, when the car experienced the trouble.

In 1996 Mr. Hindy began working as an insurance adjuster. For the next twelve years Mr. Hindy learned all of the processes and procedures of the automotive insurance industry. While working as an insurance adjustor, Mr. Hindy had the thrill of working alongside of Mr. Pasquin.

After purchasing Anthony's Auto Body in 2005, Mr. Hindy and Mr. Pasquin created a standard that they felt needed to be maintained in the collision repair industry. By purchasing new equipment and setting safety standards, Anthony's Auto Body has become a destination for all of your vehicle repair and maintenance needs. Both owners have an in depth understanding of working with your insurance company to ensure that you vehicle is restored to its pre-accident condition.